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We welcome you to Lajeen Metals, one of the top five metal manufacturers in Kuwait and is also one of the best metal infrastructure provider for your personal or commercial buildings. We always provide guaranteed and high quality products for your purpose. We can customize the products as per your needs and provide the final products based on your needed size, dimensions, colors, etc

Who We Are

We are part of a Big Family, The Lajeen group of companies’ specialties involve over many business sectors: construction, electro-mechanical, engineering, security, metals industry, stationary, consultant and information-technology. The group has operations in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.

The first company of the group was founded in 1982. Its early years were inspired by the spirit of nationalism. The first project of the company was to establish the first mall in Jahra City, the famous historical City of Kuwait. This mall in turn became in that time the main gold market in Jahra. By the time the group pioneered several industries of national importance in Kuwait: steel, security, information technology, stationary retail provision and construction.

Now, there are publicly listed Lajeen enterprises and they have a combined market turned over of about $125.68 Million (as on May 12, 2011. The major Lajeen companies are Uhod real estate, Security Zones, Lajeen Metal Factory, Iguosos Stationary, Lajeen electro-mechanical, Lajeen Constancy and Audio Visual.

The companies of Lajeen has rapidly improvement rate in the market. For example, Security Zones has become one of fifth-largest security maker in Kuwait after five years of its establishment has recently acquired the biggest projects in the country